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Welcome to Graziella's Food and Fitness Adventure

Graziella can be described as a chameleon of many sorts.  She  holds a B.A. in dance, certifications in fitness and nutrition, an A.A.S. in Graphic Design/Multimedia, and she has extensive experience in the entertainment industry as a triple threat performer, choreographer and director/ producer.  This former Ms. United States wears many hats, including a chef's hat, passed down from a long family heritage of excellent Italian cooks.  While pursuing a dance career, Graziella was always conscious of eating well and maintaining a healthy, fit body.  At a young age she found the love of cooking and began to develop recipes that satisfied her craving for rich, delicious foods, but with a healthier spin.  In 2008, Graziella began filming Graziella TV to engage a worldwide audience in her personal platform, Healthy Habits for Life, as Ms. United States.  She found herself constantly talking about food when she finally realized she's as comfortable in the kitchen as she is on stage, and created the Fit Foodie series on the GraziellaTV channel.  Now as a wife and mom of two, Graziella has expanded her repertoire to include kid- friendly recipes that the whole family will love.


The Fit Foodie focuses on the ever-growing demand for healthy, but tasty, foodie-inspired recipes that are family friendly and easy for the home-cook to prepare. Founded on the idea that food should be both nourishing AND enjoyable, the Fit Foodie continues to provide the kind of recipes that are in the highest demand, from allergy-free recipes such as gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free to vegan and paleo.  Fit Foodie recipes span all types of cuisines from American to Italian, Mexican, French, Asian and everything in between.  With the Fit Foodie, there's something for everyone, even your grandfather who swears off anything "healthy!"

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