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Move of the Week: LOVE HANDLE ERASER

Love Handle Eraser

Minimizing love handles are not an easy task, especially for post-natal, and older women. However, with some hard work and the right exercises, it IS possible. First, let's not forget that diet plays a huge role in losing excess fat, which is what love handles are mainly comprised of. That means, eating clean (Fit Foodie style of course!), and getting the proper amount of nutrients to support fat burning and overall good nutrition. However, there is the muscular/ connective tissue and factor that also needs to be addressed, and that's where this targeted exercise comes in.

Here's how it's done: Raise one leg off the floor with a soft standing leg (knee slightly bent). Top of the foot faces out, and leg pulses up. Balance one arm on a chair or other sturdy surface, while the other arm rests on hip or remains extended out to the side. Obliques and lower back are targeted with this move, while the hips also get a substantial workout. Do 20- 25 reps on each side, 2- 3 times.

*For complete workouts see the DanceFit Studio.

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