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Eat Seasonally and Locally

Fruit Market

Eating seasonally and locally means eating the kind of produce that grows naturally in your area during each season. It's easy to eat seasonally if you go to your local farmer's market, because that's all that's available! They don't import stuff from Peru or other parts of the country even. When you eat locally and seasonally, you're also getting the best bang for your nutritional buck, with the freshest most nutrient- dense produce, since it hasn't had the time to oxidate yet, having passed through so many hands before arriving in your plate. Check out to locate your nearest farmer's market. If you cannot access a farmer's market, which is usally the case for many Americans, do your own research on what's freshest during the current time of year in your area, that way you can figure out what to buy at your favorite grocery store. You can usually tell what's in season by the price too- it's cheaper during peak season because it's plentiful, and most expensive off- season. I find that very true for berries especially- my favorite! Here's a good resource for in- season food in North America. A little research goes a long way, and will ensure you're getting the most nutrition from everything you buy.

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