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New Year, New Habits

As a new mom (well, not THAT new😬) I've found it challenging to do the things that I used to do; such as working out (sigh). Parents, I know you know what I mean! Non-parents, picture this: as you attempt your usual at-home workout routine IN your child's playpen, she begins to whimper, despite the plethora of colorful toys surrounding her. Before you know it, she's screaming at the top of her lungs because nothing is more exciting than eating mommy's yoga socks; which mommy won't let her do. My daughter is very persistent, but then again so is her mommy! 😉.

SO...In order to get more movement into my day, and to destress, I decided to incorporate what I call 5-minute Kitchen yoga, daily. This by no means replaces a regular workout, but it does work with my current situation while I figure out some more effective strategies going forward. In fact, I see myself doing this 5 minute kitchen yoga morning routine even after I have a solid workout schedule going because it really wakes up my body (gently) for the day, and gets me in a positive, focused and excited state of mind. Not to mention, it also helps to alleviate my neck, shoulder and back pains from nursing and, well, motherhood. Cultivating this new habit doesn't really take much effort as I've plugged it right into the same time as I make breakfast: aka; while the coffee brews, the eggs scramble, and the bread toasts, I yoga! While some may say it's taking multitasking a bit too far, I say nay, I'm a woman, see me yoga! Check out these asanas as well as my instagram for inspiration on poses :) #namaste ✌🏼

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